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DOB: 4/23/1941, POB: Swan's Island, ME, LKA:  11 Seawall Point Lane, SW Harbor, ME
(Home) 207 244 9659
(Cell) 207 266 9659

Definitions:  DOB (Date of Birth), POB (Place of Birth), DOD (Date of Death), LKA (Last Known Address), s (Spouse)
I need any additional information on relatives along with photos- email me  or
send info by snail mail at 363 Main street, SW Harbor, ME 04679

Freida Alma Tinker, daughter of Ella (Tinker) Davis was born on Swan’s Island, Maine, Married Wendell Emery Smith 8/3/1946) DOB 8 /5/1925, POB:  Swan's Island, ME, LKA: RR1, Box 5627, Lincolnville, ME, 04849-9762 (Children) .

Arlene Mary DOB:  5/18/1928, POB:  Frenchboro, ME,   DOD: 11/22/2002 at age of 74, LKA: Long Pond Road, SW Harbor, ME , <Obituary (1st Spouse  Norman E Wray 3/1/1946 - divorced /// 2nd spouse Andrew Wilfred Watson 10/3/1948, <Obituary>) (Children)

Ramona Madeline ( Married  Filmore Delbert Turner 10/11/1945),    POB:  Frenchboro, ME, LKA:  Houlton, ME,  DOB:  1/27/1930,
DOD: 11/20/2016
<Obituary>  (Children)

Janet  Marilyn  DOB:  12/18/1931, POB: Frenchboro, ME, DOD: 4/2/2005, LKA: Rockland, ME  <Obituary> , (Children)  (1st spouse Ivan George Avery (Divorced)  /// Married 2nd spouse Francis M. Ripley Jr. 11/18/1950 ),
Dorothy Avis  POB:  Frenchboro, ME, DOD:  5-29-1985 at age 51, LKA: Bass Harbor, ME, <Obituary>  Married Arthur Elden Colbeth 1/10/1949),  DOB:  6/16/1933, (Children)

Raymond Tinker Davis, Sr. ( Married Nancy Reed December 1958),   DOB:  2/10/1937, POB:  Frenchboro, ME, LKA:  Ellsworth, ME, <Obit> (Children)

Margaret EllaDOB:  10/18/1939, POB:  Swan's Island, ME, LKA:  254 Dunstable Rd, N. Chelmsford, MA 02863-1004,  ( spouse Edward Parkhurst (Divorced) ) (Children)
Juanita Jean ( s Eric Twigg) , DOB:  7/24/1943, POB:  Swan's Island, ME, LKA: Box 1164, SW Harbor, ME, 04679, DOD: 10/28/2006 (Obituary) (Children)

Joan Lorraine DOB:  1/16/1946, POB:  Swan's Island, ME, LKA:   104 Ewing St, Peru, IN 46970 (765) 473-5349, (Married Dan Sholty  July 1966 (Divorced) (Children) 2nd  marriage to Jimmy J. Ulery (Divorced))

Maureen Wanda ( Last known spouse Meyers (Divorced) ),   DOB:  6/8/1949, POB:  Swan's Island, ME,   LKA: Portland, ME (Children)


Danielle Matchouffet (Married Robert A. Davis 09/23/1961),  DOB:  2/9/1941, POB:  Bruxelles, Belgium LKA:  11 Seawall Point Lane, Southwest Harbor, ME

Siblings: Dicky Matchouffet, DOB: 12/15/1942, POB:  Bruxelles, Belgium, LKA:  38 bis Avenue Ernest Renan,  Fontenay sur bois, 94120 France, (Children)
Father:   Eugene Matchouffet, DOB: 12/27/1914, POB:  St Nazaire, DOD: 12/15/1975, Son of Miss Eugenie Matchouffet (Obituary)
Mother:   Jenny Stevens Matchouffet, DOB: 6/21/1914, POB: Bruxelles Belgium,  DOD:  1/1/0000  (Obituary)

Maternal Grandmother: Laure De Geest (Stevens), DOB: 4/24/0000, POB: Bruxelles Belgium,  DOD:  1/1/0000 (Obituary)

Maternal Grandfather: George Stevens, DOB: 5/7/0000, POB: Bruxelles Belgium,  DOD:  1/1/0000  (Obituary)

Paternal Grandmother:  Eugenie Matchouffet, Mother of Eugene Matchouffet.  Unable to find anymore info.


Eric Wayne Davis, DOB: 7/29/1965,  POB: Bar Harbor, ME,  LKA:   49 Seal Cove Road, SW Harbor, 04679

Dominique Danielle ( s Lafferty), DOB:  2/24/1967,  POB: Bar Harbor, ME (s Troy Lafferty) LKA:  16896 88th Road N, Loxahatchee, Fla  33470

Bandit  Jack (DOB 10/14/1988  DOD 6/8/2005, 5:45 PM)  Will be truly missed
Sac-a-puces (No Photo) Came to us as a kitten--Absolutely full of fleas-Initially named him FleaBag, them decided to give him a more sophisticated name and decided on the French word for flea bag. " Sac a Puces" DOB:  circa 1970- DOD unknown-Took him to our new residence 13 times. After a few days he would return to his old home about 3 miles away.  Last seen 1975-Maybe still alive
Jack 1 (No Photo) Hit by car at 2 years old.
Jack 2 (No Photo) Became blind after drinking anti-freeze. Died at age 11 with bone cancer.  Very smart gentle dog.
Kirby the parakeet- Survived a stroke then died of a heart attack- died somewhere between 7 & 10 years old
Rusty the Hampster - Lived a long life- Survived a cancer operation and lived an additional 2 years. Loved to sleep in Mr Bob's shirt pocket.
Henry the Cockatiel- Could whistle "Yankee Doodle" . Pestered Jack 2 by pulling his toenails.  Flew away one day when Danielle stepped outdoors with him on her shoulder. Circled back a couple of times then left for good.

Melody Danielle Lafferty, DOB: 1/9/1994, POB: West Palm Beach, Florida,  LKA:  16647 67th Court N, Loxahatchee, Fla  33470
Michell Alden Lafferty, DOB: 11/9/1994, POB: West Palm Beach, LKA: 16647 67th Court N, Loxahatchee, Fla  33470
Matthew Jordan Lafferty, DOB: 04/23/1996, POB: Royal Palm Beach, Florida,  LKA: 16647 67th Court N, Loxahatchee, Fla  33470
Nicholas Jacob Lafferty, DOB: 8/17/2001, POB: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, LKA:  16647 67th Court N, Loxahatchee, Fla  33470
Sophia Catarina Bertoli, DOB:03/08/2010, POB: Royal Palm Beach, Florida, LKA:  16647 67th Court N, Loxahatchee, Fla  33470

Maternal Side:
Mother:  Ella Nettie Tinker,  DOB: 03/13/1908, POB: Swan's Island, ME, DOD: 8/31/1993 at age 85 <Obiturary>, Married Elmer Davis 01/30/1928

Henry D. Tinker (s Doris Davis), DOB 7/1/1915, POB: Swan's Island, ME, DOD: 1/2/2004 at age 88 <Obituary>, (Children)
Colon A Tinker (s Ada M Conary 1/24/1925), DOB: 7/26/1905,  POB: Swan's Island, ME, DOD: 1/21/1971 at age 73 ,charlene (Children)
James R Tinker (s-1 greta stanley, 6/30/1929, s-2 Matilda Nystrom  11/26/1947, s-3 Mary Martin), DOB: 8/22/2010, POB: Swan's Island, ME, DOD: 8/22/70 at age 60, marilyn, joanne  (Children)
Harvey D Tinker ( s-1Bessy Brown, s-2 Margaret Haddad), DOB: 3/07/1904, POB: Swan's Island, ME, DOD: 2/14/79 at age 74, virginia, edith,others with mar  (Children)
Zulma E. Tinker (s Maynard P Higgins 2/06/1932), DOB: 1/27/1907, POB: Swan's Island, ME, DOD: 2/13/2003, at age of 96, <Obituary> (No Children)

Father (My Grandfather):
Raymond Tinker
  DOB: 0/0/1881, POB: Tremont ME, DOD: 3/25/1937
Spouse Nettie E McKay  DOB: 5/2/1882, POB: Swans Island, ME, DOD: 11/17/1959

Grandfather/Grandmother (My Great Grandparents)
Harvey Tinker,
DOB: 6/3/1859, POB: Tremont, ME, DOD: 3/02/1904
Spouse Nettie ClarkDOB: 0/0/0000, POB: Tremont, ME, DOD: 0/00/0000

Great Grandfather/Grandmother
(My Great Great Grandfather)
James Tinker, 
DOB: 0/0/0000, POB: 0/00/0000, ME, DOD: 0/00/0000
Spouse Maria Pomroy  DOB: 0/0/0000, POB: 0/00/0000, ME, DOD: 0/00/0000

Great Great Grandfather (My great, great, great grandfather)
(Father of Nettie Clark), (  DOB: 0/0/0000, POB: 0/00/0000, ME, DOD: 0/00/0000
Spouse Zulma  Stanley,  DOB: 0/0/0000, POB: 0/00/0000, ME, DOD: 0/00/0000
According to Raymond Robbins Jr , Harvey Tinker (My great  grandfather) was married to Nettie Clark???.  Harvey had a 1st cousin by the name of Lena Tinker (Robbins), the grandmother of Raymond Robbins Jr.  Raymond Robbins Sr was named after his second cousin Raymond Tinker, the son of  & Harvey & Nettie Tinker (My Great Grandmother & Great Grandfather).

Mother (My Grandmother):
Nettie (McKay) Tinker DOB: 5/2/1882, POB: , Swan's Island, ME, DOD: 11/17/1959,
Spouse Harvey Tinker, DOB: 6/3/1859, POB: Tremont, ME, DOD: 3/02/1904
Nettie had 2 sisters by the name of Bessie & Lucy.  Bessie married  Guy Carlton Joyce of Swan' Island.  They had 3 children.  Phillis, Robert and Llewelling.  Lucy married Judd Smith.  They had x children, Bernice married Myron Sprague,Sr.  They had 4 children, Myron Sprague Sr, Lucinda, twins Daniel and Debra.

Grandfather (My Great Grandfather):
James Timothy McKay   DOB: 3/15/1857, POB: Grand Manan NS, DOD: 3/15/1857
Spouse Ella Cora Bridges  DOB: 3/24/1861, POB: Swan's Island, DOD: 9/30/1931
       Note:  The parents of Cora bridges were Moses Bridges 11 (9/15/1832-3/29/1869) and Lucy R. Stanley (8/22/1835 - 8/2/1895)

Great Grandfather
(My Great Great Grandfather)
David McKay
, DOB: 7/23/1823, POB: ?, ME, DOD: 9/3/1902,
Spouse Rachel Ann Dougan

Daniel McKay ?
Great Great Grandfather (My Great Great Great Grandfather) _______McKay (s ?) DOB: 0/0/0000, POB: 0/00/0000, ME, DOD: 0/00/0000,

Paternal Side:
Father:  Elmer (Googie) Spoffard Davis,  DOB: 1/7/1889, POB:  Frenchboro, ME, DOD:  10/23/1971 at age of 72, Married Ella Tinker 1927
Alexander (Alex)  Davis, DOB:  10/11/1888, POB:  Frenchboro, ME, DOD:  11/6/1967 at age of 79
Grace Hester Davis (Stanley) ( Married Leroy Stanley 1/1/1916 ),  DOB: 11/2/1892, POB:  Frenchboro, ME, DOD: 0/0/0000 at age of 00, (Children)
Millie Davis (Married Leonard Lunt 9/14/1916 ),  DOB: 2/09/1894, POB:  Frenchboro, ME, DOD: 0/0/0000 at age of 00, (Children)
Abbie Davis ( s Abbot? ),  DOB: 4/19/1895, POB:  Frenchboro, ME, DOD: 0/0/0000 at age of 00,  (Children)
Grandville (Sim) Davis (s Violet Thorlogh), DOB:  3/27/1897, POB:  Frenchboro, ME, DOD:  1/16/1979 at age of 81 (Children)
Benjamin (Bennie) Davis, (s Lillian Bridges) DOB:  6/1/1904, POB:  Frenchboro, ME, DOD: 3/1/1971 at age of 66 (Drowned) (Children)
Flora (Flo)  Davis (1st  marriage to Hiram S Dolliver-divorced //  2nd marriage EugeneThurston), DOB: 4/9/1901, POB:  Frenchboro, ME, DOD: 0/0/0000 at age of 00,naomi & Bettie ruth (Children)
Mary(Mame) Bridges 1/2 Sister (s Nate Oiser)

Father (My Grandfather):  Leaman Davis, DOB: 4/3/1868, DOD:  1/24/1938  Married Agnes Joyce (My Grandmother) 05/10/1885, DOB: 8/4/1860, DOD:  2/4/1930
Grandfather (My Great Grandfather):  William Davis, DOB: circa 1817, DOD:  10/20/1894, 28 years old in the Long Island Plantation 1850 census.  Besides Leaman, he had another son named William Davis Jr. Spouse:  Mary Twist Rice DOD:  9/23/1897
Great Grandfather (My Great Great Grandfather):  John Davis
Great Great Grandfather (My Great Great Great Grandfather):  William Davis,  (On Feb 28, 1798  Colonel Swan made an agreement with the settlers of Swan's Island and is recorded in deed 5, page 481.  Joseph Prince was appointed by Colonel Swan with "Power of Attorney" to covey to William Davis a 30 acres lot on Swan's Island. From Swan's Island he moved to Long Island in 1797.  Why he moved to Long Island before he was conveyed the land, is unknown.)

Maternal Side:
Mother (My Grandmother):  Agnes (Joyce) Davis,  DOB:  05/10/1860  POB:  Swan's Island, ME, DOD:  2/04/1930

Grandfather (My great Grandfather):  Ruben B Joyce, DOB:  2/12//1837, POB:  Swan's Island, ME, DOD:  4/11/1909
Spouse (My great Grandmother):  Mary Ann Lunt, DOB:  1/11//1838, POB:  Frenchboro, ME, DOD:  4/03/1883
           Note:  Israel B. Lunt DOB about 1796  and Nancy Pomeroy were the parents of Mary Lunt
Great grandfather ((My great great grandfather): Ebenezer Joyce, DOB:  3/14//1797, POB:  ? , DOD:  5/12/1875
Spouse (My great great Grandmother):  Catherine A. Stinson, DOB:  4/24//1803, POB:  ?,  DOD:  1/17/1886

Credits to:
Gwen Staples May, Swan's Island
History of Long Island by Vivian Lunt, Frenchboro

Raymond E Robbins Jr, (585) 381-3326, 42 Stuyvesant Rd, Pittsford, NY 14534

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